Hi, I’m Jacek Galanciak.

Or simply Jack. Friends and ladies call me razorjack. I’m Ruby developer, programming languages geek and Unix nerd with chronic audiophilia.


I’m keen on music: neurofunk, metal, idm, flamenco, ambient, psychedelic trance, industrial, ethnic. I love awesome food, bloody video games and reading political philosophy.


You can see examples of my work as an independent consultant below. More projects (including ERP/intranet systems, applications for education) are available upon request.

OfertyMieszkań.pl — real estate search engine


Cool keywords: Rails, system administration

DS Studio — interior design studio

DS Studio

Cool keywords: django, jQuery, project management

Plantacja Sztuki — an online handcraft store

Plantacja Sztuki

Cool keywords: Rails, project management

Hedwiga — an online bookstore


Cool keywords: Rails, UI, jQuery, project management

KupujemyProjekt.pl — online house projects store


Cool keywords: Rails

MBO - management buyout portal


Cool keywords: Django, lead development

Dobra Hurtownia — online building materials warehouse

Dobra Hurtownia

Cool keywords: Rails

Sport-TV - online TV platform


Cool keywords: Django, git, system administration



Cool keywords: project management

yavavision™ - online contact lenses store


Cool keywords: Rails, git, project management

Ruby and PostgreSQL are my favorite tools to solve problems, but as a technical polyglot I'm always happy to use any awesome tech, like MongoDB, Scala or Erlang.

Open Source

I love Open Source software. Here you can find my projects:

  • jQuery Quicksand

    Reorder and filter your items with gorgeous shuffling animation. Mac OS X style.

  • nazca

    Rails 3 plugin that makes title and meta tags (keywords, description) easy and manageable.

Like it? Visit my Github account.

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Gotta catch'em all! (well, maybe except PHP and Visual Basic…)

You think I’m cool, don’t you?

Well, I’m not. Really. Here are places where you can learn why:

Contact me

  • e-mail: jacek.galanciak at gmail dot com
  • Google Talk: jacek.galanciak

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